Kiran Bisla attorney photo

Kiran Bisla


After graduating from law school, Kiran began her legal career by representing large corporations in complex litigation. Kiran’s passion for litigation and expertise in the courtroom make her a particularly effective family law attorney. Kiran’s unique litigation background allows her to skillfully navigate through a family law case while often anticipating and preventing the legal maneuvering of opposing counsel. Kiran’s skill, intuition, experience and fierceness in the courtroom make her the best advocate for clients – and a very formidable opponent for opposing counsel.

As an attorney, Kiran is an excellent legal advocate who fights tirelessly towards obtaining favorable results. However, family law cases often involve a high level of emotion, trust and relationship-building that Kiran finds especially gratifying. With that said, she will return your phone calls; she will be a straight shooter and she will treat you like a person, not just a client. Very often, she becomes not only a legal adviser but also a counselor and friend in a time of great emotional need.

One of the biggest testaments to her skill and talent is the fact that she is often scouted in the courtroom by those who see her perform the art of litigation — including opposing counsel. At the end of each day, Kiran is pleased to be able to do good work, for good people, and is truly humbled by the gratitude that her clients convey for her legal services, emotional support and personal commitment to their happiness through stressful legal process.

Kiran’s favorite quote is, “You never really know someone, until you sue them.”

Read what Kiran’s clients have to say about her here. To contact her regarding your family law case, call 1-844-4SKYLAW.