Below are some of our recent case results and the facts that were involved in each settlement and/or verdict.

Wrongful Death of a Husband in Semi-Truck Accident – $665,466.00

Our client’s husband was accompanying a semi-truck driver in what started as a normal transportation route that was part of the driver’s scope of employment. The driver, not being well rested among other factors, led the truck into an accident, causing the death of our client’s husband. Multiple injured parties were involved in this case and we negotiated the majority of the insurance proceeds to be paid to our client.

Slip and Fall Accident in Orange County, California – $125,000.00

An elderly woman falls and breaks her pelvic bone in a popular chain restaurant in Orange County, California. Her injuries were sustained due to the negligence of the restaurant staff in failing to keep the floors clean. Our firm assisted this client in scheduling her medical treatment and negotiated a settlement far larger than what the insurance company originally offered. She is now on the road to recovery.

Fall on Public Property Resulting in Brain Injury – $960,000.00

When our client fell on a public walkway that was poorly maintained, he sustained serious injuries to his brain. Initially, the City of Los Angeles refused to take responsibility for maintaining the walkway and refused to compensate our client for his injuries. We fought back and filed suit, which resulted in a significant settlement just prior to trial.

Doctor’s Malpractice Results in Death of Newborn Baby in Orange County, California – $165,000.00

Going against standard operating procedure, a hospital along with its doctors, nurses and staff caused the death of a newborn baby when they did not properly tend to the mother during labor. Loss of blood at a rapid rate was left untreated and despite the defenses raised by the hospital, our firm was able to recover a six-figure settlement for our client.

Injuries Sustained in Violent Read End Collision – $150,000.00

Our client was badly rear ended by a negligent driver, resulting in significant neck, spinal and back injuries. Initially, the insurance company offered a nominal amount for her injuries which we refused. We fought long and hard until we received the maximum amount available under the negligent driver’s insurance policy.

Injuries Sustained in Nail Salon – Confidential Settlement 

After visiting a nail salon, our client contracted a rare fungal infection that originated in her foot and resulted in serious health risks and complications. We were able to recover significant compensation from the nail salon’s insurance carrier for our client.