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Explosions and fires can cause some of the most devastating and catastrophic injuries, which take years of recovery and the additional toll of immense emotional trauma.

Explosions are prevalent throughout California and are caused by a myriad of factors. In homes, gas lines which leak, chimneys, defective stoves can cause massive explosions. In vehicles, the gas tank or engine could explode. Our experienced attorneys can help you in burn injury cases such as below:

Explosions yield to burn injuries, which are some of the most painful injuries a victim can experience. For most injured victims, burn injuries are considered to be both physical and psychological. Burn injuries are categorized under the following types:

  • First-degree burns – considered to be the mildest form of a burn usually affects the outer layer or first layer of skin. Medical treatment is normally not necessary for first degree burns.
  • Second-degree burns – considered much more painful than a first degree burn as the burn affects the epidermis and dermis layers of the skin.
  • Third-degree burns – considered severe burns as it destroys both the epidermis and dermis and affect deeper tissues and involves skin that could be charred.


Sky Law Group, APC carefully works with victims of burns and explosions to help them regain control of their lives during a highly difficult and emotional time. Our law firm will work with you to minimize medical bills from lengthy hospitalization and rehabilitation procedures. Even after one heals from such serious injuries, the scarring could have a psychological and emotional effect that could last a lifetime. Our legal team carefully prepares a plan of action to protect your rights and helps you get the compensation you deserve. We do not back down to insurance companies and will pursue litigation on your behalf.

If you or a loved one have been injured in an explosion or fire accident and can not come to our office, we will come to you. Our burn injury accident attorneys are ready to immediately assist you with your claim. Call 1-844-4SKY-LAW today for a free, no obligation consultation with our experienced and dedicated legal team.