Failure to Yield Accidents


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In California, it’s best practice to be alert and focused while driving at all times. However, no matter how attentive one is, a careless driver who fails to yield can cause serious injuries. Failure to yield accidents involves a negligent driver who fails to yield to another vehicle or pedestrian who has the legal right of way. Often there is a direct correlation between distracted drivers and failure to yield accidents. For pedestrians and cyclists involved in such accidents, injuries are typically catastrophic and sometimes can lead to death.

Congestion is common throughout the roads and freeways of Los Angeles, Orange and Riverside Counties. Thus, failure to yield accidents are quite common as motorists are typically in a rush and fail to adhere to traffic laws and share the road with pedestrians and cyclists.

Failure to Yield accidents in California are typically caused by the following:

Failure to Yield accidents are not straightforward and liability is commonly in dispute. Protecting yourself from the insurance companies and a negligent driver who may change his/her story is important. Contacting an attorney immediately will help protect you from the pitfalls which occur after such accidents. It’s important to not speak to anyone but your lawyer and medical professionals after an accident.


In complicated accidents, such as failure to yield accidents, insurance companies use their vast resources to deny liability or give you a lower settlement than you deserve. Insurance companies use skilled adjusters to make you believe you were partially at fault for hitting the negligent vehicle. As a general rule, you must not speak to the insurance carrier after an accident so they do not trap you or force you to make statements regarding the details surrounding your accident claim. Rule of thumb, call your attorney immediately and let a legal team assist you with the handling of your claim.

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